THE SOURCE — My Sinatra Project

I am currently enrolled in a software engineering course through Flatiron School. Our latest project really challenged me in ways I couldn’t imagine. Upon starting my project I had a few ideas but one really stood out amongst my ideas and this was to create a web app for club promoters to be able to list their upcoming events. This is especially fun for me because I live in south Florida so I wanted to make something useful and appropriate for my location. I created two model classes, one for the User and another one for the events. I created this app in a way where a user can sign up or log in to an account, create and post an event, edit or delete that event, and see other events that other users have posted. There are several features I added like an error message when a user doesn’t input information when creating an event, or an error message when a user tries to create an account with the same username as another account. I also was able to create a feature that automatically uploads a standard image to an event if the User forgot to add their own image link to their post. Another cool thing I did was create a ‘My Event’s’ page that a user can have access to.

Overall, this was the most challenging project and it pushed me. There were times that I wanted to throw my computer across the room or countless roadblocks that I hit but seeing everything come together was very much worth it. I learned so much about using Activerecord with Sinatra and using Rake. I am overall very grateful to Flatiron school for pushing me passed my own comfort limits and helping me become a better coder every day.

Software Engineering student